• Hugh Fox
    at #1497

    Just trying a new topic….

    Hugh Fox
    at #1498

    Hi Alf, This all looks pretty straightforward to me. Just to say, we were thinking that if we had a forum for Diploma students we would not need a moderator; but perhaps we should ask a student to fill this role and let us know of any problems or issues; and also I have clicked the setting for notifying me of any follow-up replies, th0ough I am not clear if this is just a notification or it includes the reply itself – if the latter it will be possible to monitor activity through the email, though a. this might get quite onerous and b. it might choke up my email…

    Hugh Fox
    at #1499

    …also, I can’t see where to go to perform admin actions (perhaps you’ve not made me an administrator yet?); nor can I see how to change my password into something more user friendly…

    Hugh Fox
    at #1501

    … and having signed in through the website I have now discovered how to change my password

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