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An online workshop with Poh Lin Lee

Wednesday October 6th 2021

2.00 – 5.00 UK time

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Cost:  £35 + VAT

We are so pleased to be hosting this online workshop with Poh Lin Lee after the refusal of Border Force to allow her into the country for her pre-covid face to face workshop.

In this workshop Poh would like to share stories of practice and transcripts to discuss the possibilities that flow from a multi-storied understanding of our bodies. We will take a look at micro-practices and lines of enquiry that can disrupt the familiar and expected ways our bodies might be invited (or not) into therapeutic spaces and conversations. Participants will also be invited to engage in exercises to consider the possibilities for themselves and their contexts. Poh’s practice is positioned in resistance to the operation of modern power and neoliberal ideas that have far reaching influences on how our bodies are known, viewed and related to. In responding to displacement, trauma and loss Poh has noticed how relational, collective and community practice ideas generate possibilities for the different parts of our bodies to find language to articulate stories in a spirit of inclusivity and spaciousness for all voices to be welcomed in conversation. Emerging from this our bodies may be witnessed in acts of choice-making by joining with, standing apart or opposing other parts of our bodies or experience….and most importantly we may explore why they might be taking up these positions in relation to each other within the wider context of our lives and identities.

Poh Lin Lee is a Chinese Malaysian Australian social worker who brings together a thoughtful and intricate practice based on her experience and knowledge as a narrative therapist, co-researcher of trauma, writer, teacher, film protagonist and creative consultant. Poh has been engaged in therapeutic co-research with people and communities responding to themes of experience such as family and state violence, displacement (from rights, land, home, body, identity, relationships), liminality and reclaiming practices of preference and capability. Poh Lin worked alongside people seeking asylum through the film project with Gabrielle Brady, Island of the Hungry Ghosts (2018). Poh Lin works alongside people engaged in creative practices, processes and projects weaving and designing narrative informed consultations and workshops to make visible possibilities in ethics, authorship, collaborative practice, audience/witness engagement and socio-political action. Poh is a teacher for the International teaching faculty of Dulwich Centre, an honorary clinical fellow of the school of social work, University of Melbourne and a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Latin American Journal of Clinical Social Work.

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