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What’s the problem?

Sabine Vermeire, Willem Beckers, Kris Decraemer, Mieke Faes

INT is proud to be associated with the publication of this wonderful book, which we launched in the UK in April this year (2018).

Children and adults share the externalisations of their emotions, worries, troubles and pain.

Children and adults externalise and visualise their problems and investigate what they mean to them: a multi-coloured collection of difficulties, worries, dilemmas and obstacles in clay, in drawings, cartoons and other creative outings.

The stressmonster appears when Rosie (9 year) has lost something or when the quarrels at home become really problematic. It has real vampire teeth. So it can easily bite and produce stress. Step by step Rosie creates the anti-stressmonster. He specializes in making funny faces.

This and other stories offer inspiration for therapists. The beautiful little stories in this book are recognisable and a support for clients, young and old alike.

This book will be really useful in direct work with those who consult with us whether we are clinic based, school based or community based, and is a must for the waiting room or classroom where people can use it in whatever way fits for them.

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